Improving Graduates' Employability in It Field. The Case of Accounting and Information Systems Study Program


By: Luminiţa HURBEAN, Vasile Daniel PĂVĂLOAIA, Doina FOTACHE
JEL: M41, C15, M15
Keywords: Accounting and Information Systems study program, IT market, Accounting profession

The studies published in 2015 analyzing the need for human resource in Iasi IT market (the most representative market for the North-East of Romania) conclude that the demand for specialists exceeds by far the number of graduates from faculties which train IT specialists. Nationwide, within the FEBA[1], the employment rate for the students that complete the Economic Informatics undergraduate program and different master programs that specialize students in BIS[2] is approximately 95%. We strongly believe that the students graduating the program AIS[3] could get a higher employability in the IT area and appropriate improvement measures would beneficially contribute to a higher rate of employability, but also to the diversification of their professional horizon and their adjustment to the IT field requirements for professional accountants nowadays. The research also attempts to determine the profile of AIS graduates and their compatibility with IT related positions in the labour market and graduates' employability in terms of knowledge, skills and attributes relevant to the employers' needs.